Case Studies

Software Development and IT Support in Tameside

Accident Damage Assessor – Tameside

Working with local solicitors dealing with cycling accidents across the UK, this customer needed a customer portal to streamline their business. We were recommended by another client, and after an initial consultation, were invited to tender for the work, competing with other software development companies in Manchester.

We won the tender, and completed the work requested, meeting the brief exactly as required.  The customer begins each email to us with “The portal is fantastic…”.

Our solution allows solicitors to create cases, claimants to upload evidence, and the team of assessors to prepare court reports, all online, keeping everything neatly organised. Our solution saves the customer at least an hour for each report, and eliminates the human error that inevitably creeps in with manual depreciation calculations.

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Engineering Team Management – Glossop

This customer has a team of 15 engineers across the UK, working with major institutions such as hospitals, universities, and government agencies to service and fumigate the kind of cabinets that are used to protect users against biological infections, hazardous gases, and other situations where the item being worked on could be hazardous to health or the environment.

The team were using paper reporting, and needed an electronic solution to streamline the operation, and help with legibility in some cases.  A minor redesign of the reports was also required.  The issue – A large number of the locations visited have no wifi or telephone signal, so an “on-line” solution would not work.

Our solution: We developed a custom Android App, which could synchronise data with the office database, and act completely independently, without an internet signal, for weeks – storing all the engineers work locally (encrypted) on the Android Tablet until the engineer was in a suitable location to upload the data to the office database.

The client loves it – the tablets have a great battery life and significant weight benefit over a laptop, and the resulting reports are much improved, including a signature from the customer! Another happy (and returning) client.

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Major Distribution Centre, Manchester

We act as consultants and suppliers to this multi-site, multi-national company, working closely with their internal IT staff to ensure their IT systems meet their business needs.

Recent projects include:

  • Migration of users to a new multi-site domain
  • Replacement Remote Desktop Services server
  • Upgrade to Exchange 2010 across 4 sites with new server
  • 36 additional network points to newly built offices
  • Active Directory re-design

Projects are on-going.

Manufacturing company, Glossop

This family owned company relocated after a fire, and was using a peer-to-peer computer system, with a central file store using Windows XP, but no integrated solution.  Following a recommendation, we were called to see what we could do to improve matters.

Our Solution

Following our visit, we had a good idea that with the mix of office-based and field based employees, this company needed a solution based on Microsoft Small Business Server 2008, which would give them a centralised Email, Collaboration, File Storage, Backup and VPN solution, allowing them to access email and files whilst visiting clients across the world.

Assessing the location of the server cabinet, we relocated it to a safer and more secure location, and ran new cabling to the desktops.  We installed a 24-port Gigabit switch, and added Wireless networking. We added support for iPads, including remote access to Autocad files for use during demonstrations, and centralised backup using HP Ultrium Technology.

On a recent visit, the Works manager said “I’ve never looked back since you started looking after our IT systems.  It just works!  Wherever we are, on our phones, iPads or VPN, we can get to anything we want.  When I visit some of our clients I am surprised what they can’t do, that we can.  I’m very happy.

We are now the sole IT-provider for this company, offering on-going consultancy, support and installation.  We recently re-cabled the main admin office to allow an office rethink, and performed this without disruption to the users in the office.

Chartered Accountant Offices, Stockport

This accountant company in Stockport called us. They had a two-fold problem, slow network performance, and a mess of cables that they had no idea what was what.  Their existing IT support company had gone bust, and they wanted to relocate desks, decorate, and discover what did what.

Our Solution

After consultation with the owners, and some network diagnostics, we concluded that the majority of the speed issues were because of a 10Mbit Hub, a legacy piece of equipment, which half of the PCs were connected to.  We then performed wire identification, and labelling. A new, 12U network cabinet was installed, the hub and 100mBit 8-port switch were replaced with a 48-port 10/100 mbit switch with 1000Mb (Gigabit) server uplinks, and a Gigabit server network card was installed in their server.  All cables were re-terminated in the new wall-mounted cabinet.  The end result was a neat solution, with everything identified, and no issues of speed or reliability.  This company subsequently took out a server support contract with us, and enjoys pro-active support services on an on-going basis.

Architect Offices, Central Manchester

This company of architects was moving premises, and needed project management for cabling, phone and broadband lines, and the removal, installation and minor upgrades of their IT systems.  The removal day was a Saturday.

Our Solution

The CEO of this company knew that he had enough on his plate without having to work on the IT systems too, so he called us for help.  We arranged competitive quotes for network cabling (to a very specific design – as shown in the photo), and acted as primary site contact for BT, NTL, telephone suppliers and other contractors.  Working to architectural plans, we arranged all installations (again including new network cabinet etc), arranged for number transfers, DNS updates, and email filtering services to be updated to reflect the new services in place.  In addition, as part of the move, we installed an upgraded network switch, moving from 24 ports to 48 ports.

Charity working with families, Bury

This well established branch of a country-wide charity had been given a grant for new equipment.  They have a duty of care to ensure they get value for money from any supplier they use.

Our Solution

This charity was seeking quotes from local suppliers, based on a specification that they had drawn up as part of the funding bid.  The brief was specific in what was required, but the selection of individual items of equipment was free of constraint.  With their budget in mind, we put together a quote for a laptop, printer, ink, and other ancilliary equipment (pen drives etc), maximising their equipment purchase to get the best value for money.  We included 3-year warranty and a copy of Office 2007, something that no other company had managed.  How did we do this?  We minimise our costs, to provide you with best value for money.  Needless to say, this charity now uses our services for on-going IT support, and are very happy with their purchase.

Bookkeeping services, Hollingworth

This small bookkeeping company wanted to go wireless, and convert from one single PC to multiple PCs, printers, and the addition of laptops for their staff.

Our Solution

A simple project, with no server involved, and all Windows XP throughout.  We specified and installed a wireless router, giving all users access to the internet, and then added wireless print servers, sharing the printer across the wireless network.  With the addition of a simple network-attached hard drive, this company can grow slowly, and we will only suggest a server installation when it is absolutley necessary.  We mention this project specifically to demonstrate that despite its size, this company enjoyed the same levels of service as any other.