Small Business Integrated Phone Systems

Small businesses have budgets – we know this, we are one!  When setting up an office, it makes sense to get the most out of your hardware budget, whilst covering all your requirements.

You want secure, firewalled, Internet access with VPN for external users, web filtering, user access control, Guest/visitor access, and a telephone system, direct dial numbers, voicemail, call divert/forward, extensions for home users, hunt groups etc. (and how about encrypting those voice calls to avoid snooping?)

Q: Won’t I need two separate systems?
A: No.

Q: That will be too expensive for the SME
A: Not any more!

Problem – Solved

For offices with up to 30 extensions (including home workers etc.), we have a DrayTek product portfolio which combines your phone system with your internet lines, VPN, remote users and remote phone extensions, and offers unique benefits such as Internet and telephone system failover (If your ISP goes down, your phones and internet don’t!).

You get inclusive calls, modern handsets with all the features you’ll be looking for (including a basic phone for the warehouse, and a full LCD screened phone for the boss) without the cost of a traditional telephone system, ISDN lines etc.

Talk to us about your requirements, tariffs available, and the range of phones now!



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