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Software Development and IT Support in Tameside

REST API on IIS 2019 – 405 method not allowed

Like many – we’ve had issues with a REST API running on IIS – this was a WordPress site. BackgroundWe’re doing some development work for a customer who wants to add a shop to his WordPress site. This development included a product and price data feed from a 3rd Party. We put together a test…
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SBS2011 to Windows Server 2019

At the beginning of February 2020, we migrated a customer from Windows Small Business Server 2011 to Windows Server 2019 and Exchange 2019 on an HPE ML350 Server using Hyper-V to create 2 virtual machines. I checked in with the customer today – very happy – everything working as expected, and much faster than it…
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Windows 10 Mail and GMAIL

Had a laptop through the doors this morning which was having issues connecting Windows 10 Mail to a GMail account. Windows 10 Mail could collect mail using IMAP, but could not send mail. Then it could not receive mail or send mail. Checking the firewall showed that it was set correctly and outbound connections were…
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Server 2008 and Windows 7 retired

We’ve just finished a large project helping migrate a large corporate customer from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows server 2019 and from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Microsoft Exchange 2019. Microsoft have stopped issuing updates for all these products, and as such, continuing to use them is a great risk to your business, especially if…
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Keeping our customers online

I was talking to a customer today about disaster recovery options. It seems a competitor was offline for 2 days recently because of a computer issue, and we discussed what we would do in the same situation, and how long it would take to get back online… After a short uber techy brainstorming session, and…
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Outlook 2003 and IE11

We’ve had a few issues with a client with an older version of Office recently, and it boils down to an incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11 and Outlook 2003. What seems to be happening is that autosave is making regular copies of an email as it is being composed, and then, when send is clicked,…
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Are your passwords secure?

We all know we should use secure passwords, but just HOW secure is your password? Is it at least 8 characters long? Does it contain numbers, letters, capitals and special characters? How long would it take to crack? You can test your password here: I use a password algorithm which currently results in results…
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Graphics Designers Take Note!

Holy Pixels Batman! Have just supplied and installed a Dell U2713HM monitor, Quadro K2000 Graphics card, and additional 16GB of RAM to Snapped By Shell Photography to allow high-resolution and colour-accurate photo editing (on the high-spec desktop I supplied last year). The resolution of the screen is 2560×1440 pixels… That’s a bucket-load of pixels.  I’d…
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Now accepting card payments

We’re happy to announce that we can now take card payments for our products and services. We’re not imposing a surcharge for card payments, and as it is a fully mobile solution, we can take payments anywhere – even in the middle of a field!

Windows 8.1 Review

I’ve been playing with the Windows 8.1 Preview (i.e. Pre-release software), and I’ve got to say I’m still massively disappointed. Agreed, we now have a start button, but all it does is get you back to the metro screen if you left-click it, and if you right click it, you get various options for configuration…
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