Are your passwords secure?

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Are your passwords secure?

We all know we should use secure passwords, but just HOW secure is your password?

Is it at least 8 characters long? Does it contain numbers, letters, capitals and special characters? How long would it take to crack?

You can test your password here:

I use a password algorithm which currently results in results such as “It would take a desktop PC 58 years to crack your password”.  Good enough?  Maybe?

This site generates 64-character long complex passwords:

The results: It would take a desktop PC about 7 Quadrillion years to crack your password (however long that is!!!)

In summary: the longer and more complex your password is, the better.  If you want some advice on how to generate an easily memorable, yet fairly complex password, get in touch. It’s quite simple, and highly effective to generate an easy-to-remember password which is different for each web site you visit.  Ask us how!