Windows 10 Mail and GMAIL

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Windows 10 Mail and GMAIL

Had a laptop through the doors this morning which was having issues connecting Windows 10 Mail to a GMail account.

Windows 10 Mail could collect mail using IMAP, but could not send mail. Then it could not receive mail or send mail.

Checking the firewall showed that it was set correctly and outbound connections were not blocked. The Gmail account settings were checked -they were OK too. Microsoft forums showed that it *should* work, because the settings were correct, but many people confirmed that it wasn’t working.

I enabled “Allow unsecure apps” in Gmail’s settings on the web, and all was fine. Given that Mail was using SSL, and port 465 to send mail, I can only assume that it’s not using a strong enough cypher for Google to see it as a secure app.

Anyway, customer happy, and amazed how quickly it was sorted – 2 other people had already taken a look at it!